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USAA Insurance

United Services Automobile Association or USAA for shorts is one of the most famous insurance companies, and it has not become a giant without reason. They offer some of the cheapest insurance quotes you can find on the market.

USAA offer a lot of services.

In addition to health, car, home, and life insurance they offer policies that cover:

  • Recreational vehicles
  • Travel
  • Renters
  • Expanded liability
  • Special events
  • Businesses

The downside of this insurance company is that not anyone can get insurance from them, they are open only to active military members and veterans, and their families. But in spite of this, USAA has more than eleven million customers and ranks 49 in the Fortune 500 list which is quite impressive.

USAA is the insurance company to go if you are an active military member, veteran or family of one and are looking for insurance that offers excellent coverage as well as lower prices for other insurance companies. They offer discounts that are made specifically for the needs of military families and have fantastic customer satisfaction ratings that no other insurance company can match.

How To Make An Online Quote At USAA

If you want to choose USAA as your insurance company, you are probably looking to get an automobile insurance as it is their best offer regarding prices. I will tell you how to make an USAA auto insurance quote online so you can choose your next insurance company wisely and know how much you will need to spend.

But if you are looking to get another type of insurance (which are cheap too) you will find this section useful too because USAA has a well-built website where getting an online quote from any insurance is secure and equal.

First, you have to go to USAA’s website which is: There you will find some sections at the top part of the page, you then need to click the Products section and click the insurance you are planning to get.

After you do that, click the box that says “Get a Free Quote”. When you click it, the website will ask you to log in, if you have an account there do it, if not, just register which is a quick process.

After you register and log in, the website will take you to the automatic USAA auto insurance quote page where you will need to fill some data required to get an accurate quote.

Then you will finally get the car insurance quote so you can know the price and decide if you want to get it.

Prices and Reviews

USAA is a good pick if you want a good insurance at great prices. No other company can match their prices.
They offer tons of discounts that are tailor-made for military members and their families like a discount of up to 60% for long-term auto storage. They also have other great discounts for their automobile insurance:

  • New vehicle discount for cars not older than three years old
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount when purchasing 2 or more car insurance
  • Annual Mileage Discount which is based on the number of miles you drive in a year

USAA has some of the best customer satisfaction among insurance providers and ranks among the top in an auto claims satisfaction study made by J.D. Power.

Auto Insurance customers rated the company 4.6 of 5 stars in more than five thousand reviews which some can be found on their website. Ninety percent of them said that they would recommend their services.

USAA enjoys top financial strength ratings from independent companies, both for its life insurance operations and its property and casualty insurance. A.M. Best Company and Moody’s Investor Service both give USAA property and casualty insurance companies their highest ratings.

However, some auto customers complain about the costs of their premiums and excessive price increases after an accident happens or when people have really clean driving records.

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