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SunTrust Online Cash Manager

“Money is not the only answer, but it makes the biggest difference.” This line is more than enough to explain the importance of money in life.

Money is the most valuable resource to survive. People say money can’t buy you happiness, but the other side of the coin is it can offer you all the resources which are required to be happy.

Money Matters

In today’s time money is considered one of the important factor through which we calculate the success of a person. All these points are very accurate because the struggle to earn money is tough; people even leave their house and go to work in other cities, states and even countries so that they can make more money.

Money which comes with so many struggles can’t be wasted and to manage it properly you need someone to handle it.

If you are facing any problem to manage your money, then its solution is SunTrust Online Cash Manager, your one stop destination to solve all your problems related to money and saving time.

What is it?

SunTrust Online Cash Manager is like a Bank in your pocket. It provides you visibility to access and manage your bank accounts. It helps you to manage your credit cards, loans, bill payments, etc. It is like opening different accounts in a single bank which helps you in operating all your banks

Its Technicalities

Once you make an account on SunTrust Online, you will have access to SunTrust’s Software packages as well as Money Management tools, and you will be able to make transactions in your SunTrust account and submit payments or receive payments with the help of it.

What’s Different?

A lot of apps are available on your Play Store as well as AppStore, but SunTrust provides you something which all these apps don’t provide like:

  • Online Payroll: Helps you decrease the tension of lots of paper bills by generating eBills and by paying them online.
  • ACH Services i.e. Automated Clearing House: Helps you to transfer the funds to your employees as well as vendors account without doing a lot of paperwork. Also, helps you in reducing your handling as well as processing charges.
  • Fraud Inspector: Helps you to identify potential frauds on your account with the help of its visualization. It even offers you to roll back any transaction thus save you from potential financial loss.
  • Helps you to manage your small business by saving your time to do head storming in lots of deals.

It’s Features

SunTrust is te bank of future where every transaction is very smooth and safe from any potential cyber attack, but apart from that it provides you many other features like:

  • Increased Visibility: It helps you to keep the record of transaction one minute ago to 18 months past. Even the history can be downloaded and printed. It also provides you the facility to set up alarms as per your need so that every time you have to pay the bill, it automatically alerts you by sending an alert message to Email or Mobile device.
  • Mobile Banking: Your Laptop or Mobile phone is your bank now. No need to go to the bank and stand in queue for hours. Enjoy best features and flexibility of Mobile Banking by signing in at or just download its app.
  • Security Features: It provides you an opportunity to set up different and unique ID for every individual in your organization. You can even set up permissions for each. Every time any person tries to make any change, you will automatically get a security alert message.
  • Paying Bill: Now arrange your bills according to your needs. You can set alert for paying bills and can even set up the Auto-Deductible option for your bill. This is one of the most secure websites in the current scenario.
  • Business card: Make any necessary changes; dispute any transaction, monitor operations and lot more by SunTrust Business Card.

Login page

One of the easiest Login page. Don’t ask for unnecessary details just fill your User ID and password and you are ready to go. You can choose the account type as per your need. Online Banking for Personal Use and Online Cash Manager for Business Purpose. To log in to SunTrust Online, Cash Manager just click:

Customer Service

You can experience the level of customer service ones you navigate to its website. You are prompted with a message “Can I help you?” which makes navigation quite easy. They provide you separate Customer Support for each service. So that it becomes easy for a new login if he has done any wrong transaction or done something like that.

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