SunTrust customer service Phone Number

Customer service benefits and advantages of SunTrust

SunTrust is one of the top leading financial services companies in the nation, offering to our clients the best financial help for them to make their projects come true.

SunTrust customer service is one of the reasons why we are so well positioned in the industry, providing the most accurate and indicate answers to any question our customers may have, in SunTrust we care about you and we want to provide you with everything you need to go up.

Among the things you can find information of in our customer service are personal banking, credit cards, loans, mortgage, small business, investment & retirement, and wealth management.

The importance of providing excellent quality customer service

Within all the services a company can offer, the customer service is a must have, they are a significant determinant of the actual success of the company.

At SunTrust we are concerned about the issues and misunderstandings as a result of having a lack of information about plans or services in general; this is, in fact, one of the motives why many people quit and change the company in which they get their plans. Is for that reason we provide the most detailed information and have an organized customer service page, where depending on your doubts and type of financial help you are requesting, you will find the answers you are looking for.

One of the keys to our success is our commitment and responsibility to our customers, which have kept them working with us for years and bringing every day many more clients.

Why our customer service is one of the tops out there

As mentioned before, this type of service is a must have for every company if they care about their customers and want to make their business grow.

However, not every customer service has the same quality and scope, having the best services and plans in general, is what has made SunTrust the company is today, with plenty of customers satisfied and potential new ones that are coming to us every day.

Some of the characteristics and benefits of SunTrust customer service that difference us from many companies, and have put us in the top positions in the list are:

  • Chat Consulting: At SunTrust, you just don’t have the option to look for the answer you are looking for, in fact, you can chat with one of our professional advisers to clarify any doubt directly from the customer service page.
  • Good Quality Information: being precise and going to the point is the way we like to get the things done, providing you the information you need without making you read long answers that might end up not answering your question.
  • The Diversity of Solution: We not only provide answers to frequent questions (FAQs), we also provide steps and procedures to engage or to start a determined plan or program in our financial assistance.
  • Recommendations and Tips: providing advice and suggestions to our customers to make them choose the right plan or program for their necessities is important, at SunTrust we care about our clients.
  • Innovation: SunTrust always goes hand in hand with technology advances, is for that reason we have our mobile app you can download and interact with us wherever you are.
These are some of the advantages of the customer services we provide; you can contact us through many media like Email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, our customer service phone number is 800.786.8787 you can contact us if you have any doubt.

If you want to try for yourself the benefits and quality of every SunTrust program and service, we will love that you contact and start working with us, let us provide you the financial assistance you need to make you dream project a reality.

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