SunTrust Wire Transfer

SunTrust Routing Number for Wire Transfers

SunTrust is a commercial bank, which has a branch network in different states. The bank provides a wide range of services the customers the major services includes mortgage services, loans, retirement services, personal banking and small business loans. The other services include cash and credit services, deposit services, trust and securities, asset and capital markets management Accounts for Commercial and corporate use and much more.

Advantages and features of SunTrust

SunTrust provides a variety of services to its customers and there are many features and advantages of these services:


  • It gives the opportunity to transfer funds, to post the transactions, maintain your accounts and check the balance updates, paying the bills and sending customer service messages to customers.
  • It allows any client to do online banking in an efficient and easy way.
  • The bank allows easy access to the accounts, checking, the money market access, accounts savings, the certificated of deposits, opening individual retirement accounts, signature advance accounts, the business credit card options, access 3® and consumer loan facilities. The account checking is totally free.
  • It allows the facility for easy access to the account history of current and previous period any time.
  • It allows the fund’s transfer and bill payment capability of electronic bills easily.
  • Ability to transfer transactions to Quicken or the Microsoft money directly.
  • Moreover, the online customer services are available by secure messaging for customers.
  • Bank charges no fee to access the personal accounts.
  • It may not charge any fee for signature advance and portfolio bank clients.
  • Easy access to download account information.
  • The account’s privacy and security are confidential without any fear of personal information leakage.
  • Any changes in user accounts can alter the management immediately by a security alert or notification.
  • Easy access to SunTrust accounts at through a mobile device or by downloading SunTrust app on mobile or any other device.


  • SunTrust allows easy access to the bank account through their internet to get your personal and business details at any time.
  • The bank only charge fees related to account opening or the payments and receipts transformation. There is no fee charge to the Bill pay, Mobile online banking, ATMS, ATMS printed statement for using the bank.
  • For wireless service transaction, the normal fee charges may apply to Mobile Banking.
  • No fee transactions for the mini statements.
  • The approval of Credit card will be based on the history and old records.
  • No any annual fee may charge on a safe deposit box by the bank.
  • The members of SunTrust can hold both short and long term benefits with the preferable pricing strategy by the bank.
  • The interest and tiered rates may apply according to the nature of the account and its opening balance.
  • The bank provides different packages of reward system for the use of credit card, including home appliances, electronics, gift cards, credit bonuses and travel facilities etc.
  • The signature advantage clients have the opportunity to get a fee from the safe deposit box and can give discounts at any large box.
  • The business credit cards allow easy access to monitor and dispute transactions and any changes as per preference at any time.

Routing number for Wire

The routing numbers are the digits that are used in the United States. The numbers contain 9 digits that lie at the bottom line to be discussed instruments. The numbers associated with the financial institution, to identify that any transaction like checking, saving and any bank account are drawn to which of the financial institution.

The nine numbers locate among the two symbols that identify the relevant bank’s checking center or the holding account. The Routing Transit number of the SunTrust Online Baking in 061000104 that is the universal routing number of all the checking accounts of SunTrust.

Every single account has its own routing number with separate symbols, but the digits may not have any specific sequence.

Get Your Account Routing Numbers

To get the routing numbers for your account, you have to go through three steps:

  1. You may login to your Internet bank to get the details.
  2. You may find routing numbers on the official website of the bank.
  3. Or you can find them on your Checkbook

Purpose of Routing Numbers

The client may locate the routing numbers of SunTrust bank to different accounts like saving, checking or the business account on the issued check book by the relevant area bank.

For personal accounts, the digits are thirteen. The nine numbers may use to set the debts for the payroll direct deposit and the payments. This is for the electronic processing purpose and event for a phone based electronic payment the client have to use the same sequence record in the check book.

Bank Name : SunTrust Bank
SWIFT/BIC Code for SunTrust Bank: SNTRUS3A
Routing Transit Number: 061000104
Bank Address, City & State : SunTrust Bank
303 Peachtreet Street, Northeast,
Atlanta, GA 30308
(regardless of where your account is located)
Beneficiary Account Number : Your complete SunTrust Bank account number
(including leading zeros)
Beneficiary Name: The name of your account as it appears on your statement

Routing Number Example

Customer service

SunTrust provides very convenient services to their customers. The customer service center provides in time information to any issue regarding customers’ accounts. The bank allows customers to frequently ask questions about their issues and accommodates to resolve the on time without any delay. The customer’s service center provides the customer an opportunity to ask any question in the following areas

  • Bank Phone Numbers and Support
  • Issues regarding bank transactions
  • Self Service Options
  • Starting a new account
  • General bank accounts
  • Online and Mobile Banking accounts

Having any issue regarding General Bank Accounts like

  • Changing the address
  • Finding the routing numbers
  • To order checks
  • Card Stolen
  • Or reporting any fraud issue

Having any issue regarding Online and Mobile Banking Accounts like

  • Any password or user name helps
  • Accounts viewing details
  • Requesting a Stop Payment
  • Changing the Car PIN or cancel a bill payment etc.

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